Brand Positioning: The Brand Name alone has enormous power in an overcommunicated society.

“Brand Positioning” has been considered the best strategy in Marketing & brand development for the last 40 years or so. The concept was first introduced by Marketing Strategy geniuses duo- Al Ries & Jack Trout in the early 1980s. Since then it has been a guiding principle for Marketers, Big Advertising Agencies & Business Owners.

In their famous book with the same name: POSITIONING- The battle for your Mind,” they elaborate further that-in this overcommunicated society with humongous noise from advertisers everywhere.

The most important marketing decision you can make is What to name your Brand (Brand / Company or Both)

Positioning your brand in powerful way has been a herculean task & very few seem to know the art to overcome this big hurdle.

          You see, how much ad content in the form of Adverts on TV, FM Radio, Social Media & across internet you are consuming.

               Every player is out in the market to gamble whatever is in his pocket to win the hearts & get heard by the potential customers. Most of them cluelessly waste their money on advertising & marketing & get nothing & return to their bunkers empty handed.

               And this is so overwhelming that now people don’t bother to these ads, until something come out of the blue which catches their attention in first attempt.

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